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Bromley: 0202 432 1030

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Are you fed up with:

  • • Not being able to fit into your favourite clothes?
  • • Wasting money on gym memberships?
  • • Not knowing what to eat?
  • • A lack of motivation and guidance?

4 Main reasons why our bootcamps work

1. Intense, functional and fun

All our sessions are Scientifically designed to elevate metabolism and increase fitness levels, whilst having fun.

2. Education

We coach you how to make healthier choices, empowering you to move, eat and live better

3. Accountability

Being held accountable helps to develop new healthy habits.

4. Support

Everybody needs a little support when making changes, our experienced trainers will suport you through the process. Plus you’ll be surrounded by positive, like minded boot campers.

More than just a high intensity workout, we provide:

  • • Nutrition plan and coaching
  • • Regular health and fitness workshops (e.g mobility, nutrition)
  • • Online Webinar coaching
  • • Monthly Fitness and body composition assessment
  • • Parking and changing facilities
  • • Social and charity events

Here’s what to expect from attending kent boot camps

  • ✓ * Fat loss around those troubled areas
  • ✓ * Increased muscle tone and definition
  • ✓ * To be in control of your eating habits
  • ✓ * Improved sleep quality
  • ✓ * Increased energy levels
  • ✓ * Flatten stomach
  • ✓ * More confidence

* Results may vary from person to person

To top it off we provide


Mix and match morning, evening and Saturday sessions to fit your busy schedule and add extra sessions to your week

Guaranteed results

We offer a 100% money back guarantee
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Fitter, stronger & happier! Joining Kent Boot Camps is one of the best decisions I've ever made ! Martin Eady

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To coach you on your journey towards health and fitness, in a fun supportive environment

About Kent Boot Camps

Kent Boot Camps was founded in 2010 by Dan Tiley BSc. Over the years. Kent Boot Camps has helped literally hundreds of people to improve their health and fitness.


Our personal holistic approach means we offer more than just an exercise session, we coach key foundational health principles which maximise long term success.


We’re very proud of our private boot camp locations. Hildenborough is a stone’s throw from Tonbridge and Sevenoaks and set in a beautiful Edwardian Walled Garden. Our Bromley boot camp is held at the prestigious Bromley Cricket Club.


Being set in private locations, you benefit from unique exercise
equipment, plenty of parking, changing facilities and showers.


Our Boot Campers love our sociable, non-judgmental environment.
We are open to all ages and abilities – so don’t worry whether you’re
fit enough – you soon will be!

and try it for yourself